Route Rumble - Rope Climbing Competition. Springfield (not local but sounds like fun)

Zenith Climbing Center
3534 East Sunshine Street #3
Springfield, MO 65804

Saturday, August 11th, 2018
9:00 am. - 7:00 pm.

Cost for the event is a $35 early registration fee/$40 for late registration/$50 the day of the event.

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The second annual Route Rumble is back in full swing. Join the action Saturday, August 11th for a heckin' good time of top roping and lead climbing routes. Compete for fun if you are more of a mellow soul or glory if you love showing off your skills in the spotlight.

I know it is out of area, but until I have people contact me I honestly have to make my own content. Any information of local events will be appreciated. Lets get this blog going. Contact me at

Thanks - Webmaster

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